Care & Prayer
finding the care you need

Prayer is our way of supporting, caring for, and encouraging our congregation.

We are about serving and providing or recommending the best resources to people in whatever need they have. Our desire to to do goal is to do life alongside your, through the joys and challenges of life.


Our Care Team is available to talk and pray with you at every campus after each Sunday service. If you need to talk with someone during the week, please fill out this form here.

Marriage Preparation

Our Marriage Preparation course is designed to help prepare for your future together and build a strong foundation for your marriage. It consists of one-on-one couple mentoring as well as a Marriage Preparation Seminar presented twice annually. Our Marriage Mentor program will connect you and your spouse with another couple to talk about real issues and real solutions with complete confidentiality.


Our counsellors are a tremendous resource, equipped and trained help you navigate whatever you are going through. To sign up for counselling, fill out this form here.

Divorce Care

If you have experienced divorce or separation and are looking for a support group to help you during this healing process, get in touch with us to find out about the next meeting time. Groups run twice a year at the Langley campus for 13 weeks on Thursday evenings. For more information, you can visit

Grief Share

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? Join a support group and find help and healing for the hurt. Groups run twice a year at the Langley campus for 13 weeks on Thursday evenings. For more information on Grief Share, you can visit

When Love Hurts

A highly confidential weekly support group for women who have or are currently in an abusive in a relationship. For more information, you can email us (confidentially) here. To find more information on the program, you can visit


Are you or a family member in need of a personal visit at a hospital, care facility, hospice, or home? Do you have a specific prayer need? We would love to comfort those who need healing and peace as well as pray for your request. Fill out this form here to request visitation.

Looking for Care or Counselling?

Our pastoral care team is here to help care for you with counselling, prayer, and other necessary assistance.