Who is He?

Jesus Christ is the most famous and influential person in History, the Son of God who walked among the people, born from humble beginnings.

His Life

Jesus Christ, was born of a virgin, (Mary) who had conceived by a miracle of the Holy Spirit. He was fully God and fully man as He lived on the earth without sin. He coexisted in eternity with the Father and the Holy Spirit, He was present and operated in the creation of the world. Christ’s sinlessness gave Him the authority to be the substitute for our sins by giving His life as a ransom on the cross. 

Jesus taught with authority, healed the sick, performed miracles and cast out demons. He had compassion on the poor and the outcast and was called a friend of sinners.

His Death

Jesus was falsely accused and sentenced to death by the Roman execution of crucifixion. He was buried in a stone tomb, after three days He arose from the dead (as He had predicted), and appeared to many people including five hundred at one time. By His resurrection Jesus becomes the means of salvation and eternal life to all who will believe in Him. (John 3:16; John 14:6)

His Resurrection

He ascended to heaven to the right hand of the Father and has promised that He will one day return to receive those who are waiting for Him and living according to His commands.

Next Steps
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